Cheap, Budget Costumes!!
The Barbieris love "matching theme" costumes, but buying or renting costumes can be, well, costly! So these costumes are made mostly from clearance fabric, clothing found at thrift stores or garage sales, digging through closets (not always the Barbieri's!), discount props, and reusing costume elements. Feel free to browse for ideas and inspiration for your own budget costumes (don't mind Tracia's ramblings about bargains!)

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Barbieri Budget Costumes Parade
Lumiere and Babette
Saturday, October 27, 2007
I was inspired to come up with my own versions of Lumiere and Babette, the magical candelabra and
Professor Umbridge and Centaur Firenze
Saturday, July 21, 2007
Another set of Harry Potter costumes--especially knowing this would be the last ‘book party’? I
Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi
Oct 31, 2006
This all started when I was looking for something to add to my Amazon cart so I could get the
Rocket Ship
Oct 11, 2006
My son asked to be a spaceship for Halloween/birthday, so I got inspiration from clipart of a
Flamenco Pair
Mar 4, 2006
This costume came all from one chance meeting at a garage sale.
The lady holding the garage sale
Harry Potter Year 6
Jul 16, 2005
Not to repeat ourselves from the previous Harry Potter Theme party, I came up with new ones for
Dungeons & Dragons Characters
Oct 31, 2004
This year we came as our D&D Characters, dwarf ‘G’kar’ and half-elf  ‘Lyta of the Suldusk’. Sure,
Old West Trug
May 13, 2004
I wanted another Murder Mystery Party for my 35th birthday, so a friend held for me an Old West
Victorian Wedding
April 2004
When friends were having a wedding at a old Victorian hotel, we decided to get into the spirit.
Cat and Samarai for Mardi Gras
Feb 19, 2004
When I found this gaudy black and gold silk chinese robe at a thrift store (for only $5 because it
thrift store dress, $3 thrift store 
jacket, $7.50 Babylon 5 costumes: priceless