Mardi Gras Costume
This costume came all from one chance meeting at a garage sale.

The lady holding the garage sale had 3-4 beautiful flamenco skirts spread out. I was naturally attracted to the black and red one (my two favorite colors). And went over to pick it up and look at it. The costumes were all made by hand and looked very authentic and well crafted, evident by the weight of this skirt!

She proceeded to tell me about her adventures in the professional flamenco dance troupe she was in in her youth. How they would tuck the bottom of the skirt in the waist when they first came out on stage, in order to dazzle the audience with the highlight color of the inner skirt. How they would slick their hair back, thicken their eyebrows, and wear a form-fitting black shirt. 

And how she would never be able to fit in these skirts now. :)

She told me each skirt cost $50. I told her I was only out for costume shopping, and that as beautiful as it was, that was too much for one wearing. She asked me to try it on and it fit my shape perfectly. “Oh, you just need to have this--it’s made for you”.

So I offered her $15. And obvious by this photo, she took it. The rest of the clothing for both costumes were already in our closets.

Doug’s hat was a bargain at Wishing Well ($3.50), as were the ‘hot pepper’ beads ($1.50 a strand). We borrowed Britta’s guitar as a prop--the only problem is that everyone kept asking Doug to play something! :)
Flamenco Pair
Mar 4, 2006