Theme Party Costume
Not to repeat ourselves from the previous Harry Potter Theme party, I came up with new ones for the rest of our family, while Doug reprised the costume made by my mom for the Science Fiction Theme Party (which she had made for her boyfriend).

Hermione Ashlyn’s costume came almost entirely from thrift store finds: it took a looottt of searching to find that grey sweater, which had weird cuffs and was too big so I trimmed it up a bit. Thrift stores also provided her white shirt, plaid skirt, shoes, and red striped tie (the closest I could get after scouring every thrift store in the area for weeks--so much for one-stop shopping at Madam Maulkins!). 

The patch was transferred from my mom’s costume from the science fiction theme party (her Hermione had been simpler, sewing a patch from an old Warner Brothers store on a graduation robe). I made the wand by staining an old stick, and Crookshanks is a stuffed cat from a garage sale.

Ron Weasley Kian was all about the orange hairspray and eyeliner freckles, but we did chance upon the Gryffindor baseball cap at a garage sale when my mom actually asked the guy if he had any Harry Potter stuff, and then he went into his house and brought out the hat that was not originally for sale. Price? $.25! Scabbers is a wind-up cat toy I found at the local pet store (I cut chunks of his fur out to make him look more ‘ragged’). 

My costume, the fictional fiction character ‘Flora Fortescue, the cousin to Florian Fortescue of Ice Cream Parlor fame’ utilized Doug’s top hat, an assortment of scarves I got at a garage sale for $.05 each, an awesome billowy shirt and skirt from thrift stores, and a whole lot of ice cream scoopers. My favorite was my ice-cream-scoop-shaped ‘wand’ that is displayed on my hat, which is actually a candle snuffer from Partylite!3B4DC34C-0448-11DC-9D6C-000D93520F52.html6D28EDCE-0447-11DC-9D6C-000D93520F52.html6D28EDCE-0447-11DC-9D6C-000D93520F52.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2
Harry Potter Year 6
Jul 16, 2005